Services & Care

From the moment you purchase fine jewellery or a sophisticated timepiece from Asia Jewellers you are a customer for life. Our after sales customer care team takes great pride in the exceptional service it provides. Whether you require servicing, jewellery or watch repairs or perhaps a general refresh of your beautiful masterpieces, the Asia Jewellers team will keep your precious jewels and timepieces looking as exquisite as the day you chose it.

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Servicing your watch…

Your timepiece is a precious creation that works constantly throughout the day, and as such requires special attention. We invite you to visit one of our highly-equipped boutiques to maintain the longevity of your masterpiece. Our boutiques feature apparatus, documentation, specific tools and original components to ensure your watch receive nothing but the very best care and attention.

Watch Maintenance

As a complex mechanism, it is important that your watch receives technical care at regular intervals. This will ensure the precision, accuracy and function of your watch is not compromised.

The frequency of servicing is dependent on a number of factors, such as the frequency of wear, the model and the environment in which it is worn. As a general rule, we recommend that you entrust us with your timepiece for servicing every three to four years.

Battery Replacement

Battery replacements are available from our boutiques as and when you require them.

Servicing your jewels…

Asia Jewellers offers a variety of care options to rejuvenate your jewellery and restore it to its original brilliance and prestige.

Rejuvenating Polish

Over time and with frequent wear, jewellery can lose its original eye-catching sparkle and superficial scratches sometimes appear. With the right care and attention it is possible to restore the jewellery to its original splendour. Once we have completed a rejuvenating polish of your jewels, they will look as breath-taking as the day they were purchased.

Jewellery Certificate of Authenticity

When purchasing a piece of fine jewellery or timepiece from an Asia Jewellers boutique, a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ will be provided for the gemstones. It is highly advisable to keep these certificates in a safe place.