New Chic Sparkle as synonymous with the liveliness of inventiveness and a merging of nature and culture. SABBIA captures the movement of light as refracted by the finest minerals, like sand moving in the wind. In its ever-changing charm, SABBIA captures the essence of the new chic, in the Pomellato way: irregular, utterly personal, elegantly organic and infinitely refined.
SABBIA is a combination of diamonds of different hues and different shapes, amalgamated in sparkling pictorial pavés that charge each piece with a dusty, sophisticated aura that’s as elegant as the patina of time. A SABBIA piece looks like it already owns life, the time-worn surfaces being just another hint of preciousness.
SABBIA is about shapes, sizes and irregular sertissage. It is about organic hues, too. In embracing brown diamonds, SABBIA reveals. In lighting black diamonds, SABBIA conceals.In casting white diamonds, SABBIA appeals. Never ceasing to explore the desert, SABBIA dares.
The new collection brings the quest for the new chic to unprecedented heights. Proportions explode, reaching a peak in a sumptuously luminous pendant that’s a full moon covered in white and brown diamonds. The pavé degradé catches lights and shadows in this piece as well as in a ring, a pair of earrings and a bracelet. Stones are laid on an irregular base, gaining further movement.
Luminous yet subdued. SABBIA is about the elegance of nature in its simplest form. As surprising as the lone sparkle of the tiniest diamond set in the back of each piece, embedded in gold like a grain of sand that lights a private moment of true luxury.